Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Church Bus

 This is our new bus for the Lighthouse Baptist Church that we recently merged with.  We are doing out best to get people in church here in Binghamton, Vestal, New York.

Starting Again

Time to update this blog!

Monday, February 2, 2009

One of our most faithful members, Ed Button, had his wife of 56 years, Alta, go home to be with her Lord last December. She had been sick for many weeks and had not been able to be in church. Each Sunday I would call them on my cell phone and they would put their phone on speaker and listen to me preach. Every once in a while I would hear Alta call out "Amen."

I was thrilled to preach Alta's going home celebration. Two of her granddaughters raised their hands during my invitation when asked if any would like me to pray for their salvation. Since then one of them has trusted Christ and the other is scheduled to be spoken to concerning her salvation. Also a future granddaughter-in-law raised her hand in concern for her salvation. She has started coming to our church and I believe she will soon be saved.

In spite of all these blessings, Ed has had his time of trials and heartache of missing his long time best friend and help meet. But that was not the only heartache he would face. In January he called one late night and told me his son had been shot. I dressed quickly and started off toward his son, Ethan's house. As I was driving on the interstate I saw two ambulances going the other directions and figured one of them to be Ethan. I turned around at the next exit and went towards the hospital.

Ethan had plans to travel with his dad. Ed wanted to see some of his children in several other states. Because of Ethan's plans to go with his dad, he had asked his cousin to come and stay at his house to watch his dogs. They had not left that week because Ed's cousin died and the family asked him to preach the funeral.

A young man and his wife, who Ethan had known for some years, came by Ethan's home and wanted Ethan to give him his pain medicine (Ethan has had cancer, heart surgery and back surgery) Of course Ethan turned the man down and so he left. He came back ten minutes later and said his wife had left her purse. Ethan turned to go look for the purse and this young man shot him in the back. Ethan's cousin heard the shot and screamed. The young man then turned his gun on her, shooting her three time and killing her. By this time Ethan and gotten up and asked this young man why he was doing this because they had been friends. He then told Ethan to lie down because it was too late and he could not leave any witnesses. Ethan thought that he was going to die he would die fighting. He lunged at the man and grabbed the gun. In the fight Ethan was grazed in his right shoulder by another shot. He was able to twist the gun towards the young man and shoot him in the stomach.

Right after calling 911, he called his dad to say goodbye as he thought he was dying himself. Thank the Lord that Ethan is making a full and quick recovery. This young man is still in the hospital and both he and his wife have been charged with murder and attempted murder.

When I saw Ethan in the ER, he told me that he hoped the young man would live so maybe someone could tell him how to be saved. Already we are seeing new faces at church because of these events. Pray that even in this God will get the glory.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don and Helen

Welcome to our first blog. We are moving up in the world! So visit here often and catch up with the Hughes as we serve the Lord in Binghamton, NY. Stay in touch!